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Easy to use

CookWise helps you navigate through articles to find recipes to cook delicious meals. It is designed to be easy to use, with a simple interface and clear navigation. You can also customize your app settings to suit your preferences, such as choosing dark mode for better readability and comfort.

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Save your favourite recipes

With CookWise, you can easily access bookmarked recipes anytime without having to search through books, magazines, or websites. Your own personalised digital cookbook.

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Privacy First

We value your privacy and security. That's why we don't scan any data directly from your browser when you use our service. Instead, we make our own request to the URL to fetch and scan the recipe. This way, we ensure your data is kept private as it should be.

Fair Play

Our platform is dedicated to sharing and celebrating delicious recipes from all over the world. We respect the creativity and effort that goes into creating recipes, and we want to ensure that the original authors are acknowledged for their work and never monotize their content without their permission.

Friendly Design

CookWise is designed with you in mind. We care about your satisfaction and convenience, so we created an app that is simple and beautiful.

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